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Quick Base Mobile is here!

By Evan Martinez posted 12-04-2018 14:47

We're excited to announce enhanced Quick Base mobile capabilities that enable customers to build custom business applications for both the web and mobile without special mobile development. Quick Base automatically generates a mobile interface for every Quick Base application, giving customers the freedom to communicate with all team members, regardless of location, by updating and sharing information in real time from any device.

In addition to being able to interact with reports, charts, and data from any mobile device, customers are able to upload documents, photos, videos, auto-fill address fields based on location, and use voice-to-text data entry using native smartphone features. 

 All of these features can be easily and securely access through the new Quick Base native mobile app, available for download on Apple and Android smartphones.

Learn even more about the mobile application at our Quick Base blog here.

The Quick Base mobile app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play app stores and is compatible with iOS (10.0 or later) and Android (4.1 or later) smartphones.



03-07-2019 16:39

Hi Chris, did the App get released for iPad and Android tablets?

02-28-2019 21:22

The Quick Base iPad app is available for download as of yesterday! Here's a quick link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quick-base/id1412251804#?platform=iphone

02-07-2019 23:21

We've heard you loud and clear! The app will be available on iPad and Android tablets within weeks, along with a few other improvements. Many, many more improvements are also on their way. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

02-07-2019 23:16

Thank you everybody for your feedback. We have heard it loud and clear, and the Quick Base mobile app will soon (within weeks) be available for iPad and Android tablets. Stay tuned to the app store updates and you'll be the absolute first to know when it's available!

02-07-2019 22:26

I am also for the idea of a tablet app; it would be a very useful tool. Like it has been said earlier, we don't give our field technicians iPhones to do field work - we give them iPads.

02-06-2019 23:42

We have a team of 15 and we would like a tablet app as all of our employees are in the field with their tablets. As I am also the new QuickBase app developer for the company, I'd gladly help out with some testing if it will help expedite the process. For now, the team will just have to access QB via web on their tablets.

01-30-2019 15:54

I've got to admit the iPhone app didn't really seem any different than just opening it on Safari. In those respects, I was disappointed in the app. That being said, for our purposes, using Safari has been fine although it is so strikingly different than the web experience that it takes a while to learn. 

I would echo the sentiments of having an iPad app. That is more crucial to us than the phone.

01-04-2019 16:34

Why, why, why wouldn't you just allow us to download this on a tablet?  Even if the aspect ratio is off I have downloaded many iPhone apps on an iPad.  Obviously, I want to hand someone a tablet to fill out a form.  We will never hand them an iPhone.  Please get some kind of iPad app out ASAP!  Thanks!

12-11-2018 14:58

Hi David,

I'm glad to hear you are liking the look of the app overall. To your questions in general for Android the expected behavior is that you would authenticate with your finger log in anytime the application is opened from being closed (Until your session expires on your realm and then you would have to use the normal login again) basically letting you resume an existing session. It wouldn't ask you for your login if you just flipped to another application and back again or if you left it open and running on your phone in the background during your session. Session length can be set by an account's realm admin.  

That sort of goes along with your second question where if the application is left suspended you can go back to where you left the app hanging during your session to pick up where you left off but the current default behavior on opening the app up is to go back to your apps list every time. I hope that information is helpful. 

12-07-2018 16:25

Android user. Overall looks good. Two observations...

1. Just tried opening the app again and it said I had too many sessions open when I used my finger log in. I had to reenter my user/pass to get in. I haven't used it too much to see if I have to login/thumbprint every time I open the app like a banking account.

2. Does it drop you to the same default list of your apps every time? It would be nice to go to the last page you had open or a default report or home page.

12-06-2018 16:11

Nice to see this feature, but it would not load on iPhone. Support doesn't really respond. Poor experience so far

12-04-2018 18:48

Good to hear, thanks Chris.  Glad it's on the radar.

12-04-2018 18:46

Hi Hector,

Our product developers are currently evaluating developing a mobile app for tablets, but at this time we don?t have an estimated timeline to share. It is a great help to hear there is a desire for a tablet application as well.

12-04-2018 18:39

Hi Josh. Thanks again for your comment. I agree this is a very important issue and it's on our list of items to address. We've not dismissed it, rest assured! Thank you for your patience and willingness to help with suggested fixes, etc.

12-04-2018 17:40

Exciting to see some forward progress on mobile.  Unfortunately image rotation is still very broken from iOS-to-Desktop.  Isn't the point of a native mobile app to be able to more tightly control the user experience and make things like this more seamless?  Still a major deal breaker for any mobile app involving photo upload.



12-04-2018 17:23

Any idea on when it will be available for iPads?

12-04-2018 17:17

Hi Hector,

For the release the mobile iOS app is specifically compatible with the iPhone. It isn't currently available for the iPad with this release. 

12-04-2018 17:11

What specific features are required by this app to function?  Using my company issued iPad, I went to the Apple Store and cannot get this app.  There's a message that states "This app requires specific features not available on this device."  I am using an iPad mini 4 with iOS 12