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Quick Base March 2018 Release Notes

By Evan Martinez posted 03-15-2018 20:21

Our March 2018 release is coming up and our Quick Base release notes can be found here:


Some highlights coming to Quick Base in March include:
  • Gain visibility with audit logs for all log-ins
  • Access all your admin functions with the new Admin Console
  • Enhance security with inactivity timeouts for active user sessions
  • Create formulas more efficiently with real-time error checking
  • Delete records directly in table reports
  • Quick Base Automations: Early access begins
  • Sneak a peek at the New My Apps Page
  • Knowledge Base is moving into the Community
These highlighted features and more can be found in further detail in our March release notes. The March release will be available starting Sunday, March 25th, 2018. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page.

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03-27-2018 21:46

Yes, Caitlyn. Please contact your Sales representative to discuss the cost of adding the new Audit Logs capability to your Premier account or whether it makes sense for you to move to the Platform plan which includes Audit Logs, SSO, and other features.

03-27-2018 13:55

We hope to extend the functionality of the checkboxes to more things than deleteing records in the future. 

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-26-2018 21:38

Agreed. It is also annoying to see it on every single report that I have access to as an admin. It would come in handy on at least a few occasions, but it is not like I sit around deleting records all day.

03-26-2018 20:44

But I will still have to edit MANY roles, on MANY apps. It would simply be much better to be able to just disable this new "feature" across the entire app.

03-26-2018 20:40

Yes, I understand that the functionality was already available to these users - it's the prominence of the checkbox format that draws attention to this feature and could lead to inadvertent use by less sophisticated users. That is why it would be helpful to be able to remove it without losing the overall ability to delete records or lose the ability to grid edit. Our choices for how to restrict this specific feature is my real problem.

Thank you for the suggestion for creating a log - I will work on creating a report to monitor activity as a stop-gap measure, but I do not see this as a long term solution.

03-26-2018 20:11

Hey Usa,
We have the ability to disable acting on multiple records on a per-app basis. Go to the roles page, then select the user interface tab, then click the checkmark in the "All Tables" row under "Hide Multi-Record Actions". This will remove the users in that role's ability to delete or edit multiple records.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-26-2018 20:09

Hey Kori,
If they are using grid edit, they can use grid edit to delete more than one record at a time. A user can click and drag in grid edit, then right click on the selected records to delete all of them. 

You can set up a Quick Base action to fire on record delete, which will let you log all deletions on that table.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-26-2018 17:47

or at least the option to remove it from certain reports like we can remove the edit/view icons

03-26-2018 17:47

Well said, and completely agreed.

03-26-2018 17:45

PLEASE make this:
  • Delete records directly in table reports
Something we can disable completely on a per-app basis.

03-26-2018 17:42

Exactly - I also have remote users. They are in other countries and English is not their first language so it could cause some confusion as you mentioned. I would appreciate the ability to opt-out of this feature.

03-26-2018 17:38

I can see this being accidentally used by some of our less tech-savvy users to "remove something from their list" without realizing they are actually purging it from the system.  Many of my users are remote, and this feature is actually making me seriously change permissions and workflow... can you please give us the option to remove it entirely from the realm?  Everyone who should be deleting en masse knows enough to use the old drag-and-select method.

Neat idea that would speed up things slightly as an admin, but unfortunately I think this could be detrimental in practice.

03-26-2018 17:29

agreed 100%

03-26-2018 17:16

I respectfully disagree with your thinking on this issue of multiple deletions - it is a very different thing to have to go to the more Menu and purge all records on the report versus a check box at the top that selects "all" which a distracted or less sophisticated user can inadvertently use to delete all the records in a report. I have many users that need to be able to grid edit and I trust them enough to delete one record as needed, but I do not want them to have the ability to delete multiple records at a time. Please allow us to at least control whether this is an option on specific reports, even though I recognize there would be work-arounds for a determined user. Also, we need the ability to log deletions so that there is some way to monitor and recover from this "feature".

03-26-2018 17:08

Is there a price quote to add auditing features to the Premier Package?  This would be super useful, if it fits our budget.  I do not see it in the plan options.

03-21-2018 16:39

Hey folks,
I'm the Product Manager who owns the delete checkbox feature. As Evan said in this thread, the delete checkboxes are controlled by both the Delete Record Permission and the Multi Record Actions UI setting. 

We actually now have a function, "Delete all records on this report", which shows up on all reports for users with this permission setting. This option appears under the more Menu and will purge all the records on the report. Our checkboxes follow the same methodology, except that they only affect records displayed on the current page, not all records displayed on the report. 

A few folks have brought up the omission of a report-level control for this permission. We elected not to include one because we would like to reduce the chance of a user having an inconsistent experience. Additionally, we felt that giving that option will give the report builder a false sense of control.

If an end user has the ability to act on more than one record at a time, and the ability to delete records, we assume they're reasonably trusted. We want to make sure those folks have a similar experience and are able to focus on getting their jobs done, not trying to understand why there's one UI option in one place, but not in another.

Additionally, we worried that giving builders the ability to hide the checkboxes on a single report, while preserving their users' ability to delete and act on multiple records would give the builder a false sense of security. Go to any table home page and change the URL to end with a=q instead of a=td, and you'll get a default report for the table. In this case, the user would have the delete checkboxes on that page, but not on the report they navigated to originally. Besides that, the user would still have access to the more destructive "Delete all records on this report" option. 

All of that said, we're learning, and we want to hear from you. 

Let us know how we can do better,

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager

03-21-2018 15:01

1 - Permission
2 - Display
Why mingle the two when the Edit/View icons in a report are already setup with the Permission + Display layers?

As the old saying, "just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it." A person with multi-record deletion rights to a table sometimes just mean the person can mass delete from a report that is designed for deletion purpose only, not every single report!

03-21-2018 14:47

Dang well that is disappointing. Currently, having roles gives you options for permissions, but reports further extend that functionality based on the data in the report. So I can have a role that can edit records when they are in the record, but don't have that same access when viewing a report with hundreds of records. Imagine that same person now having access to quickly, without thinking, deleting multiple records without ever having to go in and view them one by one. As in, they have permissions to delete records, but we have it set up that they must view those records prior to deleting or editing them. With this set up, I cannot create a report where they can do this.  I would still want them to have access to Multi-Record Options, as there will be reports that they may need to do this in. 
By not including this dribble down report functionality, especially for deletions, it makes it more inconvenient for me as an admin. Furthermore, why would you have checkboxes in the report settings for edit and view, and not for the new icon that will be displayed? This makes no usability sense.
 Honestly I will probably have to go back and review every role and make changes to their permission and hope that none of the users lose functionality, or accidentally delete something they shouldn't. Awesome. 

03-21-2018 14:39

Mark is correct and I can confirm that the appearance of the delete checkboxes at the left of the report is controlled by the permissions. There will not be an option to remove the delete functionality on individual reports. If a user either does not have permissions to delete records on that table or if their UI permissions for the table are set to hide Multi-Record Options they will not see the new checkboxes for selecting specific records to delete from a report, otherwise it will show up. 

03-21-2018 14:38

According to Evan's comment above (Evan works for Quick Base and moderates this Forum) 

"If a user doesn't have delete permissions on a table or the multi record permissions the checkbox won't appear for them."

.. I think it will not be an option on the report settings, but rather will be driven by the Role Permissions.  That makes sense to me.

03-21-2018 14:33

Ha! I was actually coming to post the same question as above. Is the only way we will be able to remove this icon through the role, or will we have the option to remove the icon through the specific report settings? this is a NEED TO KNOW item, as we have data sensitive reports that are looked at by many different roles (more than 15) with different permissions

03-21-2018 14:16

The current report settings have options to show/hide the View & Edit icon (the pencil and eye), would we have an option for Delete now?

03-16-2018 16:01

Hi Jim,

Thank you very much we appreciate that. That is a very good question, they are set to behave much like the edit pencil and view eyeball icons that currently appear on the left hand side of a report. If a user doesn't have delete permissions on a table or the multi record permissions the checkbox won't appear for them. That space will be collapsed, much like the pencil icon and the space it takes up on a report would collapse if a user was viewing a report and had no edit permissions. The checkbox will appear on a report like the image below for any user who is able to delete and make use of multi record options.  

03-16-2018 15:28

Hi Evan,

I appreciate all you hard work. I have a question about the new delete check box on reports. If a User doesn't have delete records permissions, will the column width collapse?
My concern is that the column width will take more space on the page and disrupt reports for many Users. What is Quickbase doing to ensure if User's do not want this feature it can be removed?

Thank you