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Release Notes for April

By Eliza Little posted 04-17-2017 22:11

Our April release will be on the 23rd. You can read all about it here: http://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/april-2017-release-notes


05-04-2017 16:40

10.  There's a limit of 10 Actions..

04-24-2017 19:01

Now getting an alert on a connected gmail account that hasn't been working for a month. Once I fix it, I'll be thankful.

04-24-2017 18:18

Is there a limit on the quantity of Quick Base Actions that can be implemented?

04-19-2017 15:41

Thank you team QuickBase, this is the update I've been hoping for! The limit of 10 webhooks really constrained us. Having sections default to open had us scrolling way too much. I can't wait to work with these new changes!

04-18-2017 05:56

Great :)

04-18-2017 05:38