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Detailed Project Summary Report

  • 1.  Detailed Project Summary Report

    Posted 08-27-2017 16:21
    I'm in the process of creating a project management workflow for my organization on Quickbase.
    Each project is made up of several elements and each element will have an "action" component and an "information" component that the form user would enter.

    I want to explore the possiblity of two functionalities on Quickbase:
    1) Creating a project summary report that takes the data in "form" view for several projects and stitches them one after the other.
    2) The ability to input two records on the same form simultaneously. The idea is to split the "actions" and "information" components into two records so as to be able to view them as separate rows in a table summary. However, the form needs to give the project manager a view of both.

    Any ideas how I can make this happen? thanks a lot.

  • 2.  RE: Detailed Project Summary Report

    Posted 08-27-2017 20:34
    Viewing on a form and editing embedded reports of children (actions & Information) is not a problem, because those embedded child reports can be set to be editable.

    The challenge is the report.

    If the Actions and Information are not related to each other, but only have a common parent, then the problem is that a report can only list from one table at a time,

    However their logically is a relationship where one action has many information so either vice versa then there's a solution to the single report for viewing.

  • 3.  RE: Detailed Project Summary Report

    Posted 08-28-2017 05:07
    Ok so if I understand you correctly, the way to go about this is the following:
    - Have two separate tables, one with "action" and another with "information".
    - Make the action a child of the information.
    - Embed the action into the information form for editing.

    Feel free to correct me on the steps above.

    The question now is how to turn the data into a single extractable report for all the projects, containing the action & information. Some of these will have phrases of 10-15 words so the table view would make it look clumsy. What I want is that the report generates the same view as the input forms but stitched together for all projects. If you have a better suggestion I would love to hear it. thanks a lot.

  • 4.  RE: Detailed Project Summary Report

    Posted 08-28-2017 10:00
    My suggestion is to make a report of actions.

    Have it grouped by Project, then by Information, so that those are not repeated as columns. Bring down the Project name to the Information and then to the Action as a lookup. Same with information down to Action.

  • 5.  RE: Detailed Project Summary Report

    Posted 08-28-2017 15:51
    I'd recommend that you keep it all in the "Components" table.  And just have a 'type' of component.  Either "Action" or "Information".  

    That way all of your data is stored in one table and you don't have to worry about extra report links and edit-ability (because connecting to the parent only works once the records have been saved).

    You will also be able to have an easy report that has all the actions and information grouped by the projects.

    (This is my guess based on the limited information that we know about your ask)