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Custom Repeating Headers On Printed Reports

  • 1.  Custom Repeating Headers On Printed Reports

    Posted 02-07-2018 13:48
    If anyone is interested I have a solution for generating Custom Repeating Headers on Printed Reports. Using script I am able to "enhance" QuickBase's standard printed report so it prints with both a custom header and footer as well as table report headers that repeat on each page.

    To understand the layout here is an annotated screenshot of the printer report (showing all the various headers and footers generated by the OS, Script and QB) as well as a dropbox link the the resulting pdf file.

    Dropbox Link To PDF Of Printed Report

    I have to say that I am embarrassed by my code at this point in time as it is a hacked up mess modifying QuickBase's hacked up mess. But the beast is tamed so to speak and I just need to clean the mess up and repackage it for easy use.

    Feel free to contact me off-world if you are interested in this feature: