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Copy Master Detail - Child to Child

  • 1.  Copy Master Detail - Child to Child

    Posted 05-30-2017 20:38
    Here is the scenario.....close but no cigar!

    I have a set of tables (Parts Type, Parts Descriptions, Parts Line Items and Part Orders)
    This is setup so that I can add multiple parts orders while building these orders out through conditional drop downs.

    Now I have added two more tables, Refg Part Kits and Refg Part Kit Line Items.
    This kit creation is tied to the tables above. With this I can build a kit, name it, and add parts from my master part tables which is where my pricing sits.

    I am simply trying to create "template" of kits and copy those line items into the order.

    As you can see from the screen shot, I am getting the quantity, but none of the part line items. I cannot react fast enough to do a screen shot of the error, but it is telling me that the FID is not found. I have the FID looking at the kit selector drop down.

    Here is the code that I have in my import button....the other issue is I am not sure about the table
    ID and what that should be

    "javascript:void(copyMasterDetailButtonHandler('&copyFid="&[KitSelector]&"&destrid=0&sourcerid=" & [Record ID#] & "', 'bmf2g9mun'))"

  • 2.  RE: Copy Master Detail - Child to Child

    Posted 05-30-2017 22:10
    I believe I see the fallacy in my desires....
    The kit selector is looking for the kit name...the table that I am trying to push this into does not.
    While both tables have Part Type, Part Description and Part Number (They both lookup from the same table, they both do not have the Kit Name....so it does not know where to put it. If I can somehow transfer the Type and Description, I believe the rest will do the lookup needed to populate the rest.