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Need help in Setting up a CRM

  • 1.  Need help in Setting up a CRM

    Posted 02-04-2019 17:50
    I have multiple tables....I want to set up a Project CRM and keep track of time cards by project. For the life of me....I can not get this done. Does anyone have any suggestions on CRM apps 

  • 2.  RE: Need help in Setting up a CRM

    Posted 02-04-2019 20:10
    Hi Anthony,

    One place that might be helpful if you are looking for some ideas on how you would build out something similar is to look at the apps available in the Quick Base Exchange. There is one in there called Complete Project Manager that is set up so that Projects have Tasks and then those Tasks have their own Time Card records in the Time Cards table. Those Time Card records are also tied to a Team Members table so they can track against both the Employee and the Time Card. It might be a good example of a set up that could work in your app just connecting to Projects instead of connecting to a Tasks table. You can find the Exchange on your My Apps page in the upper left hand corner and then from there you can search for Complete Project Manager. 

    Having a template app can be a good place to test and also give you a structure you can use as an example when building in a live app. I hope that suggestion is helpful and thank you for reaching out.