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SSIS Import/Export Records from QB Table

  • 1.  SSIS Import/Export Records from QB Table

    Posted 10-16-2018 19:57
    I'm trying to import/export records for a QB table.  I'm using SSIS VS2017.  I can get the records out of QB tables using and HTTP connector and importing the data into a MSSQL table.  I'm having trouble importing data into a QB table. How would I reverse this process?  I have the SSIS script writing an XML file, but I am stuck there.  How would I import the data into QB?  I'm aware of QuNect but my company doesn't want to spend more money on it. Also, I have a script task in SSIS that I use from the export from QB.  Can I use the script task in reverse or does something need to be done on the QB side?