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  • 1.  Suspended

    Posted 05-09-2018 21:02
    The billing account for 'Team Complete Order Manager' is currently suspended.

    How do I go about renewing services?

  • 2.  RE: Suspended

    Posted 05-09-2018 21:04
    The account admin should have received several emails warning on this 'pending' suspension.

    But the account admin will need to update the billing information to make sure the credit card is approved for the account and the payment is processed.

  • 3.  RE: Suspended

    Posted 05-10-2018 12:21
    Hi Thurman,

    Matthew is correct that if the Account has been suspended you would want to touch base with your Account Admin and they can either update their billing information to reopen the Account and allow the payment to process or they can reach out to the Care team via a support case for help with those steps if they aren't familiar. If you aren't aware of who your Account Admin is or if the Account Admin is no longer with the company then I would suggest a next step of submitting a support case yourself with our Care team. They could help direct you to your Account Admin if you do not know who that is or through alternative next steps if they are no longer available. You can submit a support case here. I hope this information is helpful Thurman.