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Master Address Field - Is it possible?

  • 1.  Master Address Field - Is it possible?

    Posted 08-08-2017 16:25

    In my Construction application, I am trying trying to create a "Master Address" field that would allow me to store an address from one of a few different sources as the main reference address for a record.

    I have 3 tables: 1) Inventory, 2) Estimates, 3) Projects.

    Typically, a record's "Life Cycle" begins in the Inventory table when I purchase land. From there an estimate is created, then a project is created once the estimate is approved.  However, we also work for the public, so we often provide estimates on properties which we do not own (or are not in our inventory.)

    Is there a way to create a sort of "Master Address" field that would be auto-filled with either the address of a related Property from Inventory -OR- an address entered by the user in the event that the property is not in our inventory?

    Thanks for your help,


  • 2.  RE: Master Address Field - Is it possible?

    Posted 08-16-2017 18:01
    Hi Josh,

    I came across your question and can share this App I found. Search the App Exchange for "End of M1-C8: Adding Data and Reporting" You will see this app has a solution similar to what you are trying to build. This may help.

    Good luck,