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Notification based on elapsed time

  • 1.  Notification based on elapsed time

    Posted 06-28-2017 14:28
    I'm trying to configure automatic notifications, based on time parameters.  Here is the situation:

    We've established a Reception Registration System.  When individuals visit our facility, they are registered in the system, or entered as a record.  When entering the record, the Staff Member they are here to see is selected from a related table, which also populates the Admin Support Person's name and the Supervisor of the Staff Member.  When the record is created, a notification is sent to the the Staff Member and the Admin Support person, that they have a visitor in the lobby.

    I have created elapsed time fields, and when it's been 10 minutes since the visitor's record has been created, and they are still listed in "Waiting in Lobby" status, I'd like to create an automatic notification to the Supervisor.

    Currently, the webpage auto refreshes every minute.  At minute 10, is there a way to have a notification sent to the Supervisor stating that XX Staff Member has a visitor in the lobby?